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January 24, 2007


Great tips Brian! Thanks! The book is excellent! It is also cool that we can look back at the writing process and know some of your struggles and some of the accomplishing moments too! Blessings to you! Thanks for posting through the process! You truly are a great writer!

Just got my copy in the mail tonight, Brian. Already, I can see that it contains a lot of pearls of wisdom. I really like the interview sections being dispersed among the other chapters.

I found myself starting to read this from the middle and bouncing around to different chapters from there. Not sure why.

I'll post a review of it over at my place in the next day or three. Looking good already.

Brian, I stumbled upon your blog and was greatly interested in it. Writing a book is something I have always wanted to do, even before I had any ideas. Your top 10 suggestions seem very wise, though I have not yet ever begun. What are your thoughts on reasons to begin such a project and suggestions on how and when to start?


Jimmy: Thanks for the very kind words! I'm glad you've enjoyed the book and following along in the process. It's definitely been worth it.

Rick: Can't wait to hear what you think after reading the whole thing. Good to hear that you like the interviews - it seemed like a good way to break up the book and also show there's a lot of different perspectives out there. And there's no shame in skipping around - I think it works fine like that as well.

Luke: Writing this book was a complete God-thing. An opportunity presented itself that I could never have expected or earned. If you want to write non-fiction, you definitely need a topic that you have invested a lot of time in and are passionate about. The more you write in advance, the better chance that a publisher will take a risk on a first-time author. Of course, there are many great options available to self-publish as well.

I would only start if the topic is a consuming focus for you, otherwise it will be hard to force yourself to work on it. Best wishes!

As promised, here you go, Brian:


Hey these are great writing tips. If I ever start on a real book I'll come back and look at this list. #5 is the hardest one for me, since I'm a Phlegmatic.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the tips as I am thinking about a book.

this is a masterpiece and exactly want i want.in fact thank Brian for ur wonderful steps. i promise myself to be an author in the next 4 months.Accra,Ghana

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