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January 08, 2007


Congratulation guys :) I will have to swipe Paul's when he is finished with it ;)


You're right...I should share your blog with more of my non-christian friends. And since I myself am already a believer, I won't be reading your blog anymore.

I wanted to avoid the "Christian-only" tag over at my blog as well.

Since I'm lucky enough to have an atheist friend and penpal, I decided to let him speak directly to my audience with this guest blog post:

Turns out it was wildly popular, and his connections in the "atheist" world really brought in the traffic, and more importantly it introduced Christians to a thoughtful atheist. Anyway, maybe you could do something similar?


Another great way to start gaining readership is to start interacting with more blogs.

You should head over to http://9rules.com/ and start checking out the best of the blogging web.

In a world of ever-increasing information and knowledge, which can overwhelm most people, most people have to choose a limited area of focus and exposure. Very few people can span multiple categories of diversity in knowledge, even with interdisciplinary studies slowly gaining interest in academia and some other areas of life. In the blog world, there are those who actively engage in conversations in the non-Christian world and the Christian world, but it will likely only be a small minority who have the capacity to do that.

Interesting thoughts...one of my friends won the book...one of my favorite things about my blog is the diversity of readers...yet my content is also very diverse.

Diverse content brings diverse readers. Also reading diverse blogs.

Hey Brian,
Thought you'd like to know I just posted a review of the book. I thought it was a great read that I'm planning to recommend to a few leaders at my church who are interested in the "blogging" thing :).


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