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March 30, 2007



..."it's a verb, a call to action". That a great way to put it. A friend and I were just speaking about that and we brought up the fact that Jesus gave to demonstrate his love. He not only talked love, but he gave love. He gave bread and fish, vision to the blind, and himself to us. Imagine if your wife told you she loved you but never showed it to you. Just my 2 cents.

Mark Howell

Awesome! Thanks for sharing the link! The last 30 seconds or so are one of the most inspirational moments I've experienced in quite a while.


Malcolm Lanham

Hey Brian... THANKS for checking out my blog. GREAT BOOK!!!! I will be back with you soon.


Brian Bailey

Rolando: Great, point - well said.

Mark: I agree.

Malcolm: No problem! Thanks for the kind words.

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